About Rev. Jamie Throneberry

What a journey life is!

headshot-style photo of Jamie ThroneberryIf you had told me 15 years ago I would be doing the things I do now I would have told you that you were crazy! Back then I had no belief system or context to support this kind of life. The Divine works in mysterious yet synchronistic and miraculous ways. I see it all the time now and can look back on my life and even see it then as well. How about you?

This part of my journey began when life fell apart divorce, kids in high school and off to college, having to find a full time job after being a stay at home mom who worked part time. Stage 2 had cancer, broken bones, experiences that happened I could not explain, early retirement and move to what I thought was my dream job. Stage 3 laid off, no job, now what?? Learn to allow, trust, and surrender instead of making things happen! If that doesn’t change your life and belief system you are really in trouble!

headshot-style photo of Jamie Throneberry in her officiant robesI have done a huge amount of studying and growing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a short amount of time. I feel as though I am on purpose in life (it feels good not to feel like I am searching for a purpose) and have a passion for the work I do. It lights me up as well as helps others to celebrate, change, heal, expand their thinking, develop intuition, and much much more.

I have always been a self learner like many of the famous people throughout history. I have also discovered that there is a Mastery of Diversity and that is what I am living this lifetime. So what better way to know more about me than my resume. I can tell you by each item how it has made me grow and its purpose in where I am today. Hummm, maybe I should write a book?


Purpose: To use my skills and talents to help others and support myself with continued growth for all.


University of Georgia
Bachelor of Divinity Universal Brotherhood University
Masters of Divinity in Shamanism/Healing Arts Universal Brotherhood University
Certified Access Consciousness Bars Practioner
Reiki Master
Kinesiology/Touch for Health Level 1 and Spiritual Kinesiology Empathic Healing
Iridology 1 & 2
Vibrational Classes Level 1-3 and 2 years advanced classes including lab work
Living at Ease Sourcing Team
Integrated Energy Therapy
Institute of Applied Ontology
Endocrine Attunement
Polarity Balancing
Directional Healing
The Herb School
Work and study with many healers and spiritual teachers
Self study of many additional modalities
Gifts from God/Spirit/Source/ Higher Self (what do you call it?) in advanced healing and energy work


Played with The Young Harris Community Band, Brasstown Big Band and sung with Unity Mountain Singers. Previously played with Sentimental Journey Jazz Band and Dixieland Band, Northwinds Symphonic Band, and Green Street Baptist Christmas Program Orchestra

Facilitator for A Course in Miracles and Noetic Science at Unity Church of the Mountains for 6 years. Guest speaker at churches.

Customized pet sitter for elder dogs and/or dogs that need special attention, medications, special foods, long walks, and a lot of exercise.