Having known Rev Jamie for many years I have observed her positive attitude, caring ways and wisdom contribute to her ability to assist others in a beautiful way. This is why we chose Rev Jamie to help us create and then perform our wedding ceremony in 2006. She honored our wishes and aided us in creating the ceremony of our dreams. Whether you desire healing, counseling or help creating a special ceremony Rev Jamie listens and uses her training, skills and intuition to support you on your path. She has been blessed and gifted with a talent for helping promote growth in those she serves. Reach out to her if you need loving support, you will be happy you did.

Karen Commerce, GA

I have received both personal counseling and energy work from Rev. Jamie a number of times. She is gifted with intuition, and a depth of knowledge and training that allows her to bring me into clear focus with all of the personal issues, behaviors and beliefs that have ultimately created disease and disharmony within my mind and body. As a reputable healer, she holds herself to the highest moral and spiritual standards while reminding me that she is not the real healer, but a guide and teacher who is there to assist me in doing my own healing. I have complete trust in her practice, and encourage anyone who is seeking an alternative to traditional healing methods, to experience her gifts. You will not be disappointed.

Nancy E. Gainesville, GA

If you asked me why I go to Jamie or what I get from it I am not sure that I can tell you. What I can say is that I did not know Jamie or what she does and I had seen her around several times. Truth is that I was drawn to her when my third eye opened. I knew what was happening because it had happened before however I did not know how to use it, how to keep it open, or how to utilize it. When I asked her about it she said of course and I had my first session with her. She read my energy and she checked my chakras. All were open however not fully open, she assisted in opening them and then did energy work. I do not know what happened but I do know I felt peaceful and I could sense things I had not sensed before. I have seen Jamie several times since, whenever I am guided or drawn to do so. It is not a “you need to come for 6 sessions” kind of thing. Each time I advance more, I am more peaceful, more resourceful, and more out of ego more of the time.

Elaine P. Blairsville, GA

I never met anyone as diverse in energy healing than Jamie. She has had many years of continuously acquiring higher levels of her work as a healer. I have been to Jamie for different issues. I have had her check my vitamins, work on my chakras and emotional stuff. I feel energy and see colors so I do know she is moving energy. When Jamie checks my vitamins she does so much more than that. She knows the right questions to ask working with her guides and rods. I have been to many people over the years. I would have to go to a hand full of people and still would not come close to all that Jamie does.

Carol Morganton, GA

My experience of working with Jamie is that she intuitively knows what to do and what tools or experiences will best assist me in emotional breakthroughs. I've seen her when I know there are things that are below my awareness and just stuck and she has always been successful in helping me release those. I highly recommend her, for she is a gifted healer and much needed in these times.

Faith Transformational Learning Hayesville, NC

Hello my name is Al. I am 74 years old and been a loyal customer of Jamie’s all natural constipation pills for over 2 years and believe me they work better for you than over the counter laxatives. Thanks Jamie!

Al Blairsville, GA

Rev Jamie, Kyle & I just wanted to send you a note & "a little something" to say thank you for everthing you did to make our wedding day SO SPECIAL! People cannot stop talking about how wonderful our ceremony was & how much they absolutely loved you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Hope all is well with you... Take care & hopefully one day we'll be able to see you again!

Karrie & Kyle S. Cumming, GA

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