Raising consciousness / being love and light

Have you ever studied David Hawkins map of consciousness or read any of his books? The following links are ways to work with yourself, others, your home/property, or your business and make a difference personally as well as to the world. Life changes and your attraction point changes the more you rise and work with a difference frequency of vibration in your daily life and mindset.

The following links are provided for you to try free these options. They have helped me and others I know. I love working with the FLFE (Focused Life Force Energy) and their staff as they are so on point and on the same path that I am. Finding things that assist on our journey and help ourselves and others is such a blessing!

If you choose to try it and/or continue to work with this I am happy to share more of my experiences using this and answer any questions you may have from my experience. There is also a team of people to connect with that work with FLFE to answer anything you may need.

Love & Light - Testimonials From Happy Clients

Having known Rev Jamie for many years I have observed her positive attitude, caring ways and wisdom contribute to her ability to assist others in a beautiful way. This is why we chose Rev Jamie to help us create and then perform our wedding ceremony in 2006. She honored our wishes and aided us in creating the ceremony of our dreams. Whether you desire healing, counseling or help creating a special ceremony Rev Jamie listens and uses her training, skills and intuition to support you on your path. She has been blessed and gifted with a talent for helping promote growth in those she serves. Reach out to her if you need loving support, you will be happy you did.

Karen Commerce, GA

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