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We all have patterns and experiences that have marked our lives starting from the time we were born. Many times these events have created conscious and subconscious patterns that affect our lives and relationships whether we want them to or not. When we created them we meant them to protect us. But at some point these patterns and emotions keep us from growing, evolving, loving unconditionally, holding more light, and being our authentic real selves. For example: have you ever felt stuck, or find yourself dealing with the same kind of issues in different relationships at the same time or over the years?

We also have inherited markers in our cells and within our DNA that do the same thing. If you can conceptualize past lives or parallel lives those contribute to your way of operating in this life as well. All these things affect our physical well being eventually if they are not addressed.

I use a wholistic approach. I can sense and feel where these are in your body and energy fields outside the body as well as in the chakras. Then find what they are about, what thoughts and emotions are supporting the patterns or story, clear them, and teach you to do the work to be complete and not recreate them………. therefore opening up the space for the real you to reveal itself.

We all want to move forward in life but that requires us to change and that may be a scary thing. However, what we must realize is that the only thing in life that is consistent is change. We must face the underlying fears and emotions and somehow come to terms with them so that we can feel good, go with the flow of life, be happy from within, and learn to be who we are as a spiritual being in a human body. Isn’t that what all the masters throughout history did? They were the way-showers showing us how. Now we have to step up and do the work as they did.

If you are ready for change, new perspectives, and a better life I would be honored to help and support you in your growth!

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My counseling and coaching services vary from person to person. Filling out the form below is the first step towards creating a custom program specifically for you and for your budget. With a little more information, I will be able to provide you with a more accurate expectation of cost. So… let’s get started!

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Types of counseling offered:

  • Premarital
  • Marriage
  • Relationships
  • Bereavement
  • Spiritual
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  • Workplace
  • and more!

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Love & Light - Testimonials From Happy Clients

Having known Rev Jamie for many years I have observed her positive attitude, caring ways and wisdom contribute to her ability to assist others in a beautiful way. This is why we chose Rev Jamie to help us create and then perform our wedding ceremony in 2006. She honored our wishes and aided us in creating the ceremony of our dreams. Whether you desire healing, counseling or help creating a special ceremony Rev Jamie listens and uses her training, skills and intuition to support you on your path. She has been blessed and gifted with a talent for helping promote growth in those she serves. Reach out to her if you need loving support, you will be happy you did.

Karen Commerce, GA

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